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Trentino nature enters into every corner of Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele, your farm house in Val di Sole in the Dolomites. Large windows that illuminate the days with light and energy to bring you closer to the pristine environment and the flourishing outdoors. Agritur Il Tempo dell Mele does not want to offer you a simple vacation but a wonderful and extraordinary experience. The colours of our apples: yellow, red, green and ochre in the rooms, and the sweetness of renetta apples in the kitchen and all areas of the farm house. Warm and welcoming spaces where you can enjoy authentic contact with real things. Enjoy the family warmth sitting on a wooden bench at night or during winter days around the fireplace for a place to meet and reflect.

Agriturismo Il Tempo delle Mele • Via Strada Provinciale 65 • Fraz. Samoclevo • 38022 Caldes TN • Italia • Tel. +39 0463 901389 • Cell. +39 347 95 58 401 • P.I. 01202060222
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