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The Farm School

To approach the real life of our farm in Trentino you will find the Educational Farm, a breath of joy and liveliness. A timeless place to savour authentic mountain pleasures: the kingdom of apple orchards and the different types of fruit in Val di Sole, teaching laboratories and the area dedicated to the realm of bees with their precious honey. A Baby Farm where children can learn about all the secrets of alpine life and work in accordance to the rhythms of past life. Away from video games, telephones and television they will be fascinated by the exciting courses amongst our orchards, learn to cultivate and plant a vegetable garden, the meaning of animal care and discover what work is involved on a farm.

Guided by Michele and Fabiana they will have the opportunity to become little explorers and discover a thousand secrets. An authentic emotion preparing strudel, sauces, jams and many other tasty local products with your own hands, and even more exciting enjoying them at home in company remembering your holiday in Trentino at Agritur Il Tempo dell Mele.

Agriturismo Il Tempo delle Mele • Via Strada Provinciale 65 • Fraz. Samoclevo • 38022 Caldes TN • Italia • Tel. +39 0463 901389 • Cell. +39 347 95 58 401 • P.I. 01202060222
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