Wellness Centre

For an authentic wellness holiday in Trentino, Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele has designed a haven of wellness with sauna, Turkish bath, relax zone and emotional shower.

An oasis of well-being where you can recharge your batteries after the hectic pace imposed by daily life. A relaxed and intimate environment where you can forget all your worries. Treat yourself to a session in our sauna, or feel embraced by an intense steam in the Turkish bath. Rejuvenate your body in our showers and be lulled into tranquillity in the relaxation area

Turkish Bath

Between the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the wellness centre you will find a special place: a herbal Turkish bath. To purify the body and regenerate the soul this warm embrace of steam will engulf you in the most delicate natural way.

Only one session is sufficient to feel more beautiful, your skin becomes softer, while your body recharges with new energy. The heat eliminates toxins and foreign substances that accumulate in our body due to the modern way of life for a tonic effect which relaxes and reduces stress. Blood circulation improves, muscular tension is eased, rheumatism pain is attenuated by the heat and sleep problems in part will be resolved. Immediately after the Turkish bath, it is necessary to have a quick cold shower as alternating hot and cold temperature permits the body to obtain the best results.


From Finland to Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele you will find the sauna, an ancient ritual of well-being and therefore even more magical and suggestive. Toxins are eliminated from the body leaving skin softer and the benefits for the body are many. Apart from preparing us to face moments of everyday stress, it has a relaxing effect on muscles and a pain-killing effect which reduces our sensitivity to pain. To re-enforce the positive results of the sauna, we suggest that the session be repeated several times and alternated with moments of absolute rest in our relaxation area.

Relax Area

To recharge your batteries after your sessions in the Turkish bath or sauna in our wellness centre you will find the relaxation area.

Be enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere while stretched our on our beds and be lulled by the sweet scents of apple which will accompany you in your moments of rest with absolute silence around you. The pampering continues in the tea room, with hot tea and organic herbal tea and fresh fruit from our territory.